It’s all about you. Your goals. Your needs. Your Results.
level up with the SBF VIP Programme!

Ladies, you’ve completed the 4-Week Online Transformation.

You’ve seen the results yourself.

You’ve undergone those changes.

You now have a growth mindset. so now, do you believe you can do more?

  • You’re happy with the changes so far but you want to PUSH FURTHER!
  • You’ve reached your preliminary health, fitness and wellness goals. And now, you’re ready for BIGGER GOALS!
  • You’re happy working with a community of inspirational women, but now, you want a more PERSONAL APPROACH.
  • You know what I can do for you, so now, you want to WORK CLOSER with me and take this to the NEXT LEVEL!

You are now empowered. Your confidence is soaring through the roof. You finally believed that a lifestyle transformation is possible even when you’re juggling so many things. There is no better time to keep the momentum going than NOW. Why should you stop here when YOU CAN BE SO MUCH MORE? 

We’ve laid the groundwork. You now know what you’re capable of, and you definitely know that is isn’t the end of the line for you. The SBF VIP Programme is specifically designed for women who want to continue their success, who dream bigger and yearn for more, and who now believes she can do whatever she wants because DAMN, SHE CAN! 


SBF personal VIP program

What Can You Expect From The SBF VIP Programme?


Two words. CLOSER PARTNERSHIP. But if you want me to give you the entire picture, these are the things you will get:

1.      12-Week Online Transformation

Ladies, you’ve seen what we can do in just 4 weeks. Imagine if we can work together for 12 weeks more to continue the momentum you’ve got going. You’ve already set the bar high for yourself, and you know that you can do it! It’s all about your commitment to BECOMING MORE and ACHIEVING MORE.

2.      Two Skype Calls Weekly

In the 4-Week Shred, I do my FB Lives, but it won’t compare to the personal Skype calls I offer in this programme. These weekly Skype calls are very personal. We will talk about you, you and YOU! We will talk about every single health and fitness issue you have, whether it is menopause, adrenal fatigue or sugar cravings. We don’t stop there, if you need life coaching, I will help you as well. Again, this is going to be about YOUR GOALS and addressing YOUR CHALLENGES

3.      PERSONALISED 1-on-1 Everything

Once we’ve narrowed down the things that are weighing you down, we will create a personalised plan to help you overcome those challenges and achieve your new goals. This also means creating a personalised workout programme and clean eating plan that will cater specifically to YOUR NEEDS. Plus, your goals will be progressive. Every time you reach a goal, we will create a new one. You keep improving. You continue progressing!

4.       Work With Me CLOSER

You know what I can do and what I can bring to the table. This is me no longer trying to prove I can help you transform your lifestyle. This is me holding your hand through another journey. This is me supporting you, empowering you further, so you can BE THE WOMAN YOU DESERVE TO BE. Your goals are my goals. I inspire you, you inspire me. We work together toward change, toward success.

5.      Achieve Great Things TOGETHER

We, together, have achieved so much in the 4 weeks we’ve been working together. That is a testament to how productive and motivating our partnership is. Let’s dig deep and continue achieving great things together!

You know you are capable.
You have ignited that fire inside you.
You Must Keep that fire burning.
Continue breaking down your walls and barriers.
There’s no limit to what you can achieve and accomplish.
Hold my hand and let’s do this!

THE SBF VIP Programme originally costs £1635.

That’s 4-Week Online Shred x 3 + 8 Skype Calls a month (£50/call).

I am prepared to offer you this for just £960 , that’s a huge discount of £675.

That’s because I’ve worked with you, I’ve seen your commitment, and I want you to succeed!

I can’t wait to get started on this with you. I’m excited to take it up a notch and ramp up your success. You’ve taken the first step, now it’s time to continue what you’ve started. NO LOOKING BACK now, only MOVING FORWARD. I will be with you every step of the way, even more so in this special programme. Sign-up today and let’s get this show on the road ladies!

If this is your first time to join the SBF online transformation, just fill out the form below, and I'll get in touch with you personally.

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the results speak for themselves.
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THe sbf Vip programme is geared towards sustainability. getting fit is the easy part, but being accountable to someone who knows how you operate, your habits, your triggers, and help you power through is where the magic is!

There’s no time to waste. Sign-up today!

SBF VIP Program


This is the perfect programme for busy women juggling so much family, work, social life and trying to strike a balance.

 100% guarantee that you’ll love this SBF PERSONAL VIP PROGRAM ! 

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