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burn that stubborn body fat

3 Simple Steps to Burn that Stubborn Body Fat

Do you want to burn that stubborn body fat and feel the best you ever have but maybe feel like you’ll never get there? Getting your dream body and a positive mindset to help you achieve this isn’t easy, but it is achievable! Here are some few tips: 1. Eat clean. My meal plans can

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Growth Mindset

The Power of Mindset to Boost Confidence

Confidence is our ability to view ourselves positively and to believe that our talents and skills are enough to gain success. It is basically mixing self-efficacy and optimism to “feel” good about oneself. It might be easy to define confidence, but usually acquiring and maintaining it is a great challenge, especially nowadays where social norms

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intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting: A Great Way to Reach Optimal Health

Food, one of life’s basic necessities, is undeniably a significant part of human history, culture, tradition, and development. From being hunter-gatherers up to the period of the agricultural revolution, and now via highly industrialized technologies aiming to hasten and to increase food production, humans have hugely dedicated their time and intelligence to guarantee that nourishments

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Losing weight

Weight Loss Tips That are Actually Evidence-Based

Losing weight is probably one of the most difficult goals to achieve in life. Losing weight is difficult, but the most difficult thing is to maintain weight. That’s the reason why having a mentor, family and friends doing it together will really make it super easy and exciting. Although there are many ways to lose

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Gym memes

Good Intentions this January??!

As a gym owner, I get this.  I see it, and I understand the psychology behind it. But do you? If you  did understand why, would you still contribute to the drop off statistic?! A gym membership may seem like the first step in any resolution to be healthier.  With January the most competitive time to

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full body workout results


My Authentic Self, My True Self. Dec 2018.   It Was a Struggle You’ve no idea what it’s taken for me to put myself out there in the above photo, I don’t ever wear tight clothes or sports bras when I workout. If you see me today, I’m in baggies, day and night. Regardless of

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