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best fat burning exercises for women

Exercise And Menopause: What’s The Connection?

Just when you think that not having to deal with monthly periods is a breath of fresh air, here comes menopause with all its rage. Yes, menopause is inevitable, but we would’ve appreciated it if it took its sweet time before visiting and staying. And yet, here you are, suffering from menopause symptoms you have

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Body Types for Women

A Quick Guide To Different Body Types For Women

Learning the different body types for women is helpful in your weight loss journey. For many of us, we don’t bother knowing; all we know is that we’re overweight and we need to lose the weight. Thinking that way is a start but knowing what your body type will also help you learn why your

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best chest exercises for women

Understanding Menopause And Its Stages

The female reproductive system is filled with major transitions throughout its maturity and development, which starts in puberty when menstruation first occurs up to the time when it stops, known as the menopausal stage. But before women reach such a significant occurrence in their lives, they will undergo other phases that are equally important to

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inner thigh workout women

Estrogen Types And Functions

Estrogen is the primary female hormone that plays a vital role in supporting the development and maintenance of the female sex characteristics of the body in both men and women, which includes breasts growth, fertility, armpit, and pubic hair. More than its functions to the reproductive system, estrogen affects the brain by regulating body temperature

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health and fitness challenges

Breaking the Barriers: How to Overcome Health and Fitness Challenges

Many of us experienced and continue facing roadblocks along the way to obtain our goals. Indeed, sticking to a regular workout to get physically active and to follow a strict diet can be challenging as several hindrances, considered as “excuses” arise. However, as the saying goes “if there’s a will, there’s a way,” if we

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DIM supplements

Advantages of DIM Supplement for Hormone Imbalance

Our body functions, even our thoughts, and feelings are greatly affected by hormones. Most women struggle with unexplained weight loss, acne, fatigue, mood swings, hair loss, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), and occasional headaches due to the dominance of the hormone estrogen. One solution for such hormonal imbalance is taking a supplement called DIM. What is DIM?

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