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"I have helped thousands of people achieve life-changing results. Body and mind." - Shelley


As a youngster driven by the enjoyment of team sports and exercise plus being naturally good and succeeding was great but backed by my dads way of expressing his love by being proud about my achievements when he boasted about his bairn to his friends did something crucial in that it set in stone a drive and a positive mindset in ME. To always push myself to do well to do better to be the best I could be at everything I set my mind too . High achieving became hard wired. Setting a goal and working hard,  focus and determination, risks and sacrifices necessary to get ahead.

When my dad passed in mid life due to ill health, lifestyle related, I was devastated. This should not have happened and could’ve been prevented. It was apparent that this could have been prevented by a lifestyle intervention so I educated myself followed my passion of sport exercise and embarked on a path of life long learning to educate myself and in turn others to transform peoples lives and make a lasting impact that would inspire, motivate and educate people to make informed choices on the single most important thing we can control – HEALTH and that of their families.

This is Programme for women only, to share, express and support other women to be the best they can be. When you change a woman’s outlook, mindset and confidence, when they become informed and knowledgable about their health and well-being, they take it back to their families partners and extended family. This is why what I do works. 

The SBF concept is infectious and inspires.


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With an academic background in sport and exercise science and over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.

I would love to help you achieve the most amazing results. I want to make you live longer, I want you to be as healthy as you can be.

Over the years my clients have been celebrities, sports teams, athletes and people just like you looking to change their lives, body and mind.

I will educate you on everything you need to know around nutrition, and what it takes to achieve life changing results including weight loss, reversing insulin resistance, reducing blood pressure and so much more.

I will also take you through a workout programme which will challenge and push you to achieve your goals when coupled with the SBF nutritional plan.

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